Andrews Air Force Base Address
Clinton, MD 20745

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Andrews AFB


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Andrews Air Force Base

Located in Washington D.C. and home to the 316th Wing, Andrews AFB is the most important Air Force Base in the U.S.A., largely because it is also home to the Presidential aircraft. Since it has been opened in 1945, the base has served one purpose, which has stayed the same: to react in cases of emergency and to have the necessary capabilities to respond to national security threats. This is the main reason for which, nowadays, Colonel Paul R. Ackerley is the Commander of the base. The base does not serve any training purposes, only rescue services, so there is no training facility whatsoever.

Near the base you will find the lovely County of Prince George and a picturesque city, Morningside. The base is spread on 17.7 km2 and has only state-of-the-art aircraft like: C-20B, C-21, VC-25, C-130 Hercules, and many others. The base takes its name from Frank Maxwell Andrews, an important figure in the field of air flight, who tragically died in 1943.

Due to the fact that it is home to the US Presidential aircraft, the symbols on the logo are obvious: a lion, the symbol of both power and wisdom and The White House. Recently, the base has received press on the occasion that Colonel Paul Ackerley has initiated an honor-recognition ceremony. However, the missions in which Andrews AFB is involved are secret, and so is the number of troops garrisoned.